Ancient Warning for Modern Day Bathers – Watch Your Jewelry

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 / Go to the mediabankJewelry found in the burial mound of the first “Golden Man” in 1970 / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaA recent discovery serves as a cautionary tale for modern day public bath visitors to keep track of their valuables before going for a dip, as their possessions might end up being a fascinating treasure for archaeologists who later dig it out.Archaeologists have made a significant discovery at the site of an ancient Roman bathhouse near Hadrian’s Wall in Carlisle in the UK. The excavation yielded a trove of semiprecious stones that were likely to have fallen out of wealthy visitors’ rings during their visit to the third-century bathhouse. The 36 engraved gems, smaller than a dime, were made of materials such as amethyst, carnelian, and jasper. Known as “intaglios,” the jewels have images carved into them.Roman civilization was very advanced. The Romans removed their clothing in the changing room or apodyterium, but had to keep wearing sandals, as their bathrooms had heated floors, and their jewelry to prevent theft.The researchers believe the water may have loosened the adhesives used in the rings and caused the metal settings to expand and contract, leading to the loss of the stones. The gems likely ended up in the drains when the pools and saunas were cleaned.Party Hard Like a Roman Emperor: Historians Unearth Most Luxurious Ancient Winery Ever17 April, 14:20 GMTThe Carlisle site has also yielded more than 700 other items, including glass beads, pottery, clay figures, tiles, and over 100 hairpins, indicating that the owners of the stones were likely women.


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