Buried Treasure Found in Romania “Just” 1,700 Years Later

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A 17th century Arabian silver coin that research shows was struck in 1693 in Yemen, rests in a 17th century brass spoon on a table, in Warwick, R.I., Thursday, March 11, 2021.InternationalIndiaAfricaPerhaps in a hurry or planning the future, someone buried a treasure trove but never returned – and it remained there until a lucky amateur archaeologist discovered it.A metal detectorist has stumbled across a buried treasure while searching in Dolj county, Cosmin Vasile, president of the Dolj County Council, has reported. The hidden artifacts included 1,168 silver coins tentatively from ancient Roman times. A photo circulating on social media depicts one cleaned coin, silvery and shiny, gleaming against the pile of tarnished, blue-green discs. The coin depicts a human holding unknown objects in each hand with the text around the edge.© Photo : @MiamiHerald / TwitterTreasure buried in Romania 1,700 years ago was just found Treasure buried in Romania 1,700 years ago was just found In the past, Romania was called Dacia during the time of the Roman Empire, with Dacians and Romans having a long-standing history of hostility. To secure their borders, the Romans constructed many forts, watchtowers, and other fortifications throughout the area.The discovery sheds light on the history of the region and provides a valuable insight into the Roman period in the history of these territories.


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