Constitutional Referendum in Uzbekistan Declared Valid as Voter Turnout Passes Threshold

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 / Go to the mediabankA view shows polling station No. 30 for early voting in a referendum on the adoption of a new constitution at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Moscow, Russia / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaTASHKENT (Sputnik) – The constitutional referendum in Uzbekistan has been declared valid as 62.24% of voters cast their ballots, thus passing the necessary threshold of 50%, deputy chairman of the Uzbek Central Election Commission, Bahrom Kuchkarov said on Sunday. “According to the electronic system recording voter turnout, as of 13.00 [local time, 08:00 GMT], 12,083,105 voters, or 62.24% of the total list, have attended the polling stations. The referendum can be declared as valid,” Kuchkarov told reporters. Later, Kuchkarov said that the turnout had passed the 80% mark as of 5 p.m. local time. The chairman said that the Uzbek regions of Fergana, Andijan and Samarqand had shown the most active attendance as turnout there surpassed 80%. On Sunday, Uzbek citizens vote on a new edition of the country’s constitution, which will extend presidential terms from five to seven years and strengthen various branches of the government. The overhaul will allow incumbent President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to serve two more terms. Under Uzbekistan’s legislation, a referendum is considered valid if more than half of the citizens who have the right to participate take part in the vote. The election commission is expected to unveil the referendum’s results on May 1.


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