Man Reportedly Dumps 500 Pounds of Pasta at New Jersey Lake

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A plate of pastaInternationalIndiaAfricaEarlier, several hundred kilograms of pasta, mostly spaghetti, and even other mounds of macaroni, were found dumped by a river bank in the US state of New Jersey.A local man said that he had seen a veteran from the neighborhood who was cleaning out his late mother’s house, and that he was to blame for the piles of discarded pasta, roughly 200 kilos of it, scattered along a river bank in New Jersey, according to media reports.According to Keith Rost, from Old Scaffold, a man unloaded the oodles of noodles and pasta at Iresick Brook on April 28.”I really feel like he was just trying to clear out his parents’ house and they were probably stocked up from COVID,” Rost said as quoted by the media. “My grandparents always had a cupboard full of cans and pasta, just to be safe.”Earlier, Nina Jochnowitz, a local resident, stumbled over the mysterious pasta piles in question in the forest. She published a post on social media in which she estimated the total weight of the mounds of macaroni to be more than 200 kilograms. The photos of the pasta quickly gained popularity online and baffled users.© Nina JochnowitzScreenshotScreenshotSoon after posting on social media and appealing to local authorities, public utilities arrived on the scene and removed the discarded spaghetti.


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