Nearly Half of Earth’s Land May Be Subject to Climate Change by Century’s End

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Climate changeInternationalIndiaAfricaThe most significant climate changes are expected to occur in Europe and North America, if the researchers’ projections are to be believed.The world as we know it may experience some drastic changes climate-wise by the end of this century, a new study authored by researchers from Turkiye and the US has suggested.According to the team led by Paul Dirmeyer from George Mason University, up to nearly a half – 48.1 percent, to be precise – of the global land area may change climate zone by the time year 2100 arrives.The researchers procured the results via global climate model simulations and further suggest that the “most pronounced changes” are going to occur in North America and in Europe.”Europe is projected to have the greatest change from the current climate, with 65%–91% of its land area projected to be in a different climate zone by the end of the century,” the team wrote. “Especially, the expansion of the temperate climate zone into the present-day regions of cold climate in Europe is projected to become salient by the end of the 21st century.”The researchers also speculated that, in order to account for the expected changes in the future climate, climate classes may have to be redefined.


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