Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s Shelling of Donbass Town Constitutes ‘War Crime’

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 / Go to the mediabankUpdate on Gorlovka in Donetsk Region / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Ukrainian government staged a deliberate attack against the innocent, defenseless residents of the town of Gorlovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on May 11, aimed at demoralizing the civilians, military analyst Scott Ritter said.Shelling of the civilian town of Gorlovka in Donbass by the Ukrainian Armed Forces using Grad multiple-launch rocket systems constitutes a “war crime,” Scott Ritter told Sputnik via his telegram channel.The shelling of a civilian area could not be “legitimate” under any military terms, said the former US Marine Corps intelligence officer.“So there could be no doubt that that the Ukrainian shelling of Gorlovka constitutes a crime under international humanitarian law. There is literally no military expediency behind this kind of action… It’s a purely terrorist action designed to demoralize the citizens of Donbass, of Gorlovka,” he stated.He went on to point out that it also could not be a shelling “by mistake,” as the Ukrainian government receives very accurate intelligence from the United States and NATO regarding the disposition of Russian forces. There are no Russian forces stationed in Gorlovka, or in the vicinity of the strikes by the Kiev regime, pointed out the ex-UN Weapons Inspector.This was an act of terrorism, and the international Criminal Court (ICC) should investigate Ukraine’s actions targeting this city, said Ritter.MultimediaAftermath of Ukrainian Artillery Strikes on Gorlovka in DPRYesterday, 16:05 GMTUkrainian forces scaled up the intensity of attacks on Gorlovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic on May 11, shelling it 57 times during the day from 08:00 Moscow time. As a result, one civilian was killed and at least six others were wounded.The targeting of Gorlovka is nothing new, as the Kiev regime relies on terror, and has consistently shelled civilian areas in Donetsk.Both the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have been subjected to heavy shelling by Kiev since 2014, when the legitimately elected president of Ukraine was forcibly toppled by the violent US-backed opposition and neo-Nazi paramilitary groups. The mostly Russian-speaking people of Donbass did not accept the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, refusing to knuckle under and go along with the junta’s Russophobic agenda and banning of the Russian language.On April 7, 2014, the Republican People’s Council declared the sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Shortly after, on April 27, the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) was proclaimed. On May 11 of the same year, referendums were held in the Donbass region on the status of the republics, with the majority of the population backing the DPR and LPR’s independence from Kiev. Since that time, the Kiev regime has hounded the Donbass with relentless attacks, claiming numerous civilian lives. After efforts to end hostilities via the Minsk Agreements fell through, in February 2022, Moscow launched a special military operation aimed at demilitarizing and de-Nazifying Ukraine in order to protect the Russian-speaking people from a campaign of extermination unleashed by the Ukrainian leadership.In October 2023, the Donbass, Zaporozhye, and Kherson regions officially joined the Russian Federation following a series of referendums.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineUkraine Terrorizes Donbass Civilians Since It Cannot Win on BattlefieldYesterday, 15:13 GMT


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