White House Officials Admit Age Taking Its Toll on Joe Biden

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 / Go to the mediabankU.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaJoe Biden’s age has become a hot topic after the US president announced his re-election bid earlier this week. He is now 80 and looking to extend his tenure in the White House until he is 86. Is he fit enough to bear this burden?On April 25, Joe Biden tossed his hat into the ring for presidency, despite 70% of American voters signaling they don’t want him to run again, citing his age. Moreover, only 47% of Democrats back Joe’s re-election. Biden’s approval numbers are unimpressive, too.Three days prior to the incumbent’s announcement, The New York Times, frequently chastised by US conservatives over its apparent sympathy for the Democratic Party, released an editorial eloquently titled “Biden Should Take Voters’ Concerns About Age Seriously.” The newspaper argued that Joe’s age could become both “a political liability” in 2024 and “a barrier” to a successful second term. Citing the president’s standard line “watch me,” the media outlet admitted that Joe Biden has given voters very few chances to do that. His refusal to regularly engage with the public raises concerns about his age and health, as per the newspaper.AnalysisBiden’s 2024 Bid Tainted by New Corruption Allegations28 April, 14:22 GMTFor its part, Axios brought focus on Joe’s “age trap” on Friday. The media outlet cited Biden’s aides asserting to US journalists that the president is mentally sharp. Still, even they acknowledged that Joe’s age has been taking a toll on his performance, diminishing his energy and limiting his schedule.The media outlet presented a breakdown of the president’s schedule so far in 2023, which indicates that Biden had only four public events before 10 am; a dozen public events after 6 pm, with most of them being dinners, receptions with foreign leaders, or fundraisers; and 12 full weekends with no public events.

Some White House officials admitted that there are difficulties in planning Biden's public and private events, adding that most of them happen on weekdays, between 10 am and 4 pm. Others argue that they are amazed at the president's stamina, especially given his age.

Still, unlike his predecessors, Biden, as a president, hasn’t done an interview with The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal. The White House is basically “hiding” the president as he auditions for his second term, according to the media outlet.Meanwhile, the US conservative press is lashing out at the Democratic Party over Biden’s age and health, citing his frequent blunders and gaffes. The American conservatives believe that their political opponents will resort to their 2020 strategy by again hiding Joe in a basement and limiting rallies. For his part, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, told Sputnik that he doesn’t rule out that the Dems will “cheat” to keep the increasingly unpopular Joe in the White House.AnalysisDems Going to ‘Cheat’ to Keep Biden in White House in 202427 April, 15:29 GMT


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